My husband and I married in 2003.  Before we could finish our first marital dance, someone asked:  “when are you going to have a baby”?  I’m sure I answered:  “well, not right now”.  Since that day, I do not know how many times I have been forced to respond to that question.  As the years progressed, I found ways to amuse myself with ridiculous and uncomfortable replies.  Yet, the truth is that asking someone about their plans to become a parent may sound innocent enough, but it is actually quite traumatic.  It was a constant reminder that I was infertile (a word that I loathe).  However, I did receive some incredible advice over the years, but I will save this topic for a different time.

Thus, after eleven years, three miscarriages, a plethora of shots and one thousand and twenty seven conversations, we chose to adopt.  It was the best decision we have ever made and though our journey was horrendously painful, I would go through it all again to have the privilege of raising our son.  While I am sure that some of our past will creep into the stories about parenthood, this mlog is meant to share the craziness and hilarity that comes with rearing a child.

I hope you enjoy…


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