Thank you for visiting my latest endeavor:   the mommy blog or mlog.  This will be a site where I publicly publish all of the ridiculous things that happen when parenting is thrust upon you.  Hopefully, our son will appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m so happy for you and how lucky, that you were able to take a year off. Enjoy every minute, every day is better than the day before. You are living the dream.


  2. I literally just read every single blog in one sitting. You are a fantastic writer! I may add also that I relate to every single word you write even to the no sympathy for the ill husbands lol. I can tell you when fab had his gallblatter out I looked at incisions and said where I don’t see anything … Get up and stop being so dramatic. Your blogs are so entertaining and I hope one day soon we can come meet this boogery vomiting miracle!


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