Best Medicine

I am sure we all know that when a child laughs, it makes all other noise seem mundane or ordinary.  This is especially true with our son.  When he thinks something is funny, he giggles with his entire body.  Of course, this means that we must replicate the word or facial expression that caused the initial hilarity to ensue.  Thus, as a dedicated parent, I will repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat said action because his shrieking laughter is addicting.  Eventually, he moves on and no longer finds my actions amusing.

But now I need it.  I need to hear it.  I just crave it.  The chuckling.  The smiling.  The look in his eyes.  The toothless grin.

I am working my way through the addiction.  I am admitting that I have a problem.  Yes, I realize I cannot command that my child submit to forcible laughter.

#firststep  #therearenoothersteps  #babysnickers  #candybars


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