First Courtship

A friend gave our son a Glow-Worm action figure.  Initially, he was too young to fully appreciate all that the doll had to offer, but he did kiss the lighted face of the toy.  Upon reflection, I should have interceded and ended the relationship then.  It was a considerable mistake.  For you see, my child, my sweet and innocent little boy, has developed an unholy crush on this…plaything.

I get it.

It has a warm hue and sings sweet melodic nothings in his ear.  When he is at his lowest and his pre-teeth (preeth) are wrestling his gums for control of his mouth, the little Glow-Worm glows.  When he is forced to have his diaper changed and he would rather pre-crawl (prawl); it glows.  But there will come a point, when that Glow-Worm will cease to comfort him and the relationship will come to a gruesome end.  It will be then that I will have no choice but to send that fallen trinket on its way.

I guess until then, I will just have to support this, his first dalliance, because I cannot have my child prawling out of my life.

#glimmerglimmer  #thiswontbefunnywhenheis18  #yesitwill


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