Of Course…

For those of you whom (or who?…it’s probably who…but whom sounds smarter) do not know, I took a year off of teaching to bond with my son.  When women have biological children, the infants instantly know their mother by smell.  However, when we adopt, the Eau du Mommy fragrance does not work.  Thus, I chose, and luckily was able to, voluntarily leave my place of employment for one year.

Why does this matter?

It is the long way of telling you that I am with my child all of the time.  For each moment.  During every nap.  Changing most of the diapers.  Feeding him much of his food.  Watching him ceaselessly roll around.  Listening to him whine and cry for little to no reason.  Touching his chest in his sleep to ensure that he is still alive.

I’m there.  Always there.  Creepily hovering.

That is, until today.  Yes, today my husband took our child on an outing.  And it was during this exceptional excursion that our son chose to crawl for the first time.

Without me.

Sure, through the magic of technology that I neither understand, nor use properly (much like semicolons); my husband was able to send me a video of the special moment.  Obviously, it was not the same.

And yes, I know, it is not about me….right?…well, at least not all about me.  And yes, I know there will be hundreds more firsts that I will witness.  And yes, I know that realistically, I will miss some of those times.  This one though…missing this one…it stung a little.

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2 thoughts on “Of Course…

  1. It would be nice if people didn’t tell you when your child did something for the first time 🙂 Let us think it’s the first time!


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