Prestige Worldwide

Let me begin by stating that our child is advanced.  Now I do not mean traditionally advanced; he can’t read, form sentences or change his own diaper, but he is quite musically inclined and can grab his feet at a sixth grade level.

And it is because of his rhythmic inclinations, that our infant will have a plethora of million dollar employment opportunities.  One of these will be Parrot Singer (Panger/Pinger/Sarrot).  For when my husband or I play music, he expertly echoes the melody and lyrics back to us.

Obviously this can mean only one thing, he will be a multi-faceted entertainment tycoon.  He will own a small global conglomerate where the rich and famous will hire him to fayjay (see Possible Professions #1) while panging.

Yes..there will be some of you that will question the very legitimacy of his ambitious prospective venture and dismiss it as laughable and absurd.

To you I say:  yea, that’s fair.

#dreamsareforsleeping #mydadsboat  #wookiemasks  #pangerfayjayforhire



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