Please, Sir…I want some more

When you have a dog, you expect that he/she will beg for food.  This problem is exacerbated by everyone in the family, aside from myself-of course, feeding our canine table scraps.  And since the baby has been in the house, the puppy pan-handling has reached new heights.

Sure it is irritating, but as I generally eat standing up at the sink without proper utensils, like our caveman ancestors (sorry, creationists), I can deal with it.

Then yesterday happened.

Yes, for the first time, my dog and my child silently, but oh so intently, plead for food.  Both giving the same look with the same sappy, sad eyes.

I was half expecting Sarah McLachlan to start singing in my kitchen.

I was taken aback by how much it bothered me to see my pet and my son longingly stare at my cold piece of left over meat (sorry, vegetarians), but neither could properly digest my cuisine.  Thus, for now, I must somehow stomach both of my dependents gawking at my every gulp.

#olivertwist  #dickins  #christmascarol  #sustenancescrooge  #inthearmsoftheangel


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