Springing Marsupials

As we know, most religious holidays contain a secular component.  Christmas has Santa Claus and Easter has the Bunny.  Images and idols can be found everywhere during the annual celebrations.

So, on our child’s first Easter, I had daydreams of large baskets; chocolates and hares as far as the eye could see.  Then I remembered that he is eight months old.  He will have no recollection of this day.  So, I did what any realist-type parent would do, I grabbed a stuffed rabbit from his shelf and tossed it in a basket with his first Easter outfit and some cereal puffs.


Or at least I thought it was a rabbit.


He has a lot of stuffed animals and it was kind of dark.


It had long ears.


Then he opened his first ever Easter basket and inside was some of the cutest clothing ever and a stuffed kangaroo.


Was this a failure of epic proportions?  I say no.  Because while many other children in many other homes are having chocolate bunnies, my child will now and forever receive an Easter kangaroo.

#theystillhop  #happyeaster


One thought on “Springing Marsupials

  1. I see nothing wrong with an Easter Kangaroo. They do hop. They’ve got a built in basket. They lay exactly as many eggs as rabbits.



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