A Little Stitious

When your child sleeps through one night without wailing every hour…you get hopeful.

When your child sleeps through the second night…you get superstitious.

What did I do the same way both nights?

What was I wearing when I put him to bed?  How many books did I read?  Which books did I read?  What exact time did I give him his bottle?  What pajamas was he wearing?  Do I really need to wash them this month?  Where was the dog laying on the floor?  How many lights were on?  Did I pat his back?  How many times?  Where is the pacifier?!?!

You get it.

Because you are desperate for sleep.  You will try anything.


If open roasting a cumin-soaked goat in the room (again…sorry, vegetarians) helped this child sleep an entire night, I’d go buy a rotisserie right now.

But alas, we know that there is no rhyme and especially no reason as to why children choose a night of twilight caterwauling over peaceful slumber.

So, please do not judge me if you happen to be at our house at bedtime and I am wearing a spit-stained t-shirt while reading him three books simultaneously and forcing our dog to lay in the middle of the carpet with no lights on and Tuvan Throat Singing playing in the background…cause it worked…last night.

#iknow  #noparentsleeps  #blahblahblah



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