Sherpas Wanted

I’ve decided that the reason our child refuses to sleep an entire night is not because he is a malicious little boy that wants to break his parents down physically and emotionally so that he can dominate the family.


The reason he wakes at 3 am is because he is trying to accomplish a more noble goal.  Yes, he is attempting to climb and reach his first summit.

Allow me to explain…

A few nights/mornings ago, as I was holding him, he painfully gripped my ribs and pulled himself higher.  After which, he dozed right off, obviously tired from the physical toll such activity has on the body.  The following day in the pre-dawn hours, he pulled himself up by latching on to my shoulders.  Last eventide, he grasped both my ears.  Each night climbing higher and higher.

See, is trying to meet an objective; to scale his first mountain and plant his flag at the peak…of my head.  Hopefully, after he accomplishes this great task, he will be able to peacefully rest and dream of his next grand, yet attainable mission.

#thenextedmundhillary  #mommountain  #iameverest


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