I’m a Clown, I Amuse You?

When I am angry and raise my voice, my son laughs.

The subject of my wrath does not matter…screaming at the non functional printer, strongly urging the dog not leap to my plate and eat my dinner, and/or emphatically encouraging the boy to not to punch everything.

He cackles at it all.

And I am scary.  People fear me.  Grown people.  Tall people.
Think of the person that causes you the most anxiety and sheer terror; I’m more frightening then that guy (or girl, I guess).
Just ask around…(if I said that in person, you would go right away…cause yea…I’m pretty intimidating).

Anywho, he is not afraid.  And while I am pretty sure that he is a baby and does not understand exactly what is happening, part of me thinks he may be a secret genius.  Because at some point, I forget why I am angry and join him in laughter.

#ineedtobemoregangster  #bringonthegabagool  #goodfellas





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