Inner Monologue

Picture it:
Child’s room.  3 am.  Baby in crib awake.

Baby cries.  Looks at door.  No one.

Baby screams.  Looks at door.  No one.

Baby slaps hands on mattress.  Looks at door.  No one.

Baby crawls around in crib to find pacifier.  Puts pacifier in mouth.  Lays down.  Thinks about his life choices.  Realizes it isn’t his job to calm himself down.
Thinks:  where are these old people promised to take care of me?  This self soothing is for suckers.

Spits pacifier onto floor.  Screams like banshees and red foxes are binge watching horror movies in his room.

Looks at door.  There they are.  The foolish fogies.

That’s right.  You’re going to pick me up.  See how pitiful I am?
I better make this look good and cry for a………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

#wearethesuckers  #iguessredfoxesareprettyloud  #googleit  #notreddfoxx  #thatsdifferent  #imcominelizabeth


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