Ho Ho Homeless

I realize this post may be a little late for the holiday season.  However, it has been on my mind since December.

And give me a break…it’s cold and blog procrastination (blocrastination) is a serious affliction.

My child does not know what the word stranger means.  He loves everyone.  He tries to leap out of grocery carts to get to other people passing us in the aisles (admittedly, they usually are buying better stuff).  So, imagine my surprise when he ugly cried at seeing Santa Claus this year.

It made me wonder…

Why do so many children have such a strong negative reaction to good ole St. Nick?

Then it hit me…

Basically, his entire face is covered in hair and all you can see are his eyes.  He is wearing bright red and invading your personal space to ask you questions about your behavior.  To children, he is basically a sweaty vagrant giving free lap sits and trying to steal all of your information so he can launch himself down your chimney and into your house while you are blissfully unaware of what he is doing during your peaceful slumber.

So, I get it.  Next year, we will not submit our son to forcible  Kris Kringle conferences.



2 thoughts on “Ho Ho Homeless

  1. I love your blog! By next year he may be OK with the man in red!! It doesn’t take l ok ng to get over the fear and then you get the tears watching their face smile in wonder at one of the magics of the season!


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