Diversionary Tactic

My son was pinching me.  I sternly told him to quit. He sat for a second…it really wasn’t more than a bit. He yelled and pointed behind me, there was nothing there. But when I turned my head to peek, he plucked my arm hair. #igotgotbyababy Advertisements


I was 26 the first time I got pregnant. This was well before the social media explosion.  Before chats were snapped, books were faced and mutterings were twittered. So, we actually called everyone we knew to tell them.  I did not care that I told the same story 437 times.  We were going to have […]

Kurps and Bisses

My son is at the age where he kisses you with his mouth open.  Sure, it comes with a healthy amount of drool, but it is still endearing. Less endearing?  When he lurches forward to plant one on you and burps at the same time. #atleastitwasntvomit  #imsurethatsnext

No Screen Credit?

I cannot believe we do not receive royalties from Despicable Me and The Minions.  Clearly, the language those little yellow creatures speak was based on the mutterings of my child.  Trying to save money, Hollywood? Well played. #wecouldbemillionaires  #theyevenwalkthesameway  #ifmykidhasonoverallsthereisnodifference

Certified Mail

Dear Tiny Human Living in our House, We love you deeply, but we do not need to spend every two hours with you after we put you to bed.  You are certainly cool…but you aren’t that cool. Love, The zombies that used to be your mom and dad