Everything’s A-Ok

We watch a lot of Sesame Street. We watch an excessive amount of Sesame Street. We watch more Sesame Street than the producers of Sesame Street. We have noticed three things: 1.  Cookie Monster wastes more cookies than he actually eats. 2.  For an educational show, many of the puppets do not speak proper English. […]


Word #10:  Butt So, if we are keeping track of my child’s rank of important things based on the order of his first words…it’s daddy…(seven other words)…mommy and then butt. #doublecolonpost  #seewhatididthere

Keep On Smilin’

My child started giving himself wet willys (willies?).  Thus, he is both the bully and the victim. So…we gave him a timeout and a hug. #punishfort  #comeonyouknowiliketocombinewords

Paternal Utterances

It’s no secret at this point that my son’s first word was dada. It was cute. I was happy for my husband. Blah blah blah… So, then I waited.  Surely, he would say mama (or some variation thereof) shortly. Right? Then came he second word: ball. Okay.  He’s a boy.  He likes sports. Then, after what seemed like […]

Ho Ho Homeless

I realize this post may be a little late for the holiday season.  However, it has been on my mind since December. And give me a break…it’s cold and blog procrastination (blocrastination) is a serious affliction. … My child does not know what the word stranger means.  He loves everyone.  He tries to leap out of […]

Parenting Is…

getting a rare 20 minutes to complete a yoga workout. Then having your inner peace disturbed by your husband, clutching your child and running around the house in a panic because one of them reached into his diaper and tried to paint the house in poop. …I’ll let you guess which one. #namaste

Confession #3

I’ve thought about tripping my son as he is waddling around.  My hope is that he will become increasingly frustrated and revert to crawling. #iveTHOUGHTaboutit  #ihaventdoneit  #itsreallynotthatfartofall  #hemovessofastnow! #ihaventdoneit  #im98%sureineverwill